Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Fabulous Things About England #8

Place names that make complete sense. For instance, Lands End is at the end of the land.  Unless you happen to be talking about Lands End, Berkshire which is nowhere near the end of the land.

Land's End 31 December 2009

Fabulous Things About England #7

Freeze dried coffee that tastes good. No, it's not as good as brewed in the states. It's not as good as french press coffee, but it is quick. It is always hot. And it tastes like coffee. Nescafe is the only kind I feel is just gross, and it is the only kind I've ever drunk in the states as well.

As an FYI, do not drink brewed coffee in restaurants in England. It's called filter coffee here, and it has generally been left on the burner all day. So you end up with burned coffee that has been poorly measured. Sometimes it is two days old. Yuck. If you're desperate ask for an Americano with extra water.

Fabulous Things About England #6

Strong tea with milk. If you prefer, strong tea with milk and sugar.

Fabulous Things About England #5

Palm trees.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Conversation with My Sister

I was speaking with my sister about our talking to our niece, B, via video link.

Me: B told me that her new doll didn't come with pants.

Sister: They don't usually come with pants, do they?

Me: The painted on ones. 

Sister: What?

Me: Underwear. She didn't come with underwear. 

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