Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I Love You

I say, "Go wee, please."
He says, "Aunt Rachael says, 'Go wee, please.'"
I say, "Go potty, please."
He says, "My underwear are stuck. They're too sweaty."
I say, "Of course they are."

I say, "The end."
I say, "Now is the time for sleeping."
He says, "You can go away now."
I say, "Sweet dreams."

I say, "I need to do some work."
He says, "Let's make a sandboat."
I say, "Just as soon as I finish my work."
He says, "Let's play in the tent."
I say, "Just as soon as I finish my work."
He says, "Will you read a story with me."
I say, "Do you feel that I'm not paying enough attention to you?"
He says, "Yes. Let's make a sandboat."

He says, "I would like some raisin bread with honey."
I say, "Pah pah pah pah."
He says, "Please."
I say, "Please, will you sit at the table while you eat that."
He says, "I like walking around."

I say, "I love you."
He says, "I don't love you."
I say, "You are not obliged to love anybody."
He says, "Let's make a sandboat."
I say, "Which blanket shall we use?"


  1. I think you may have spent too much time in England. "Go wee", indeed!
    And I agree: these conversations are amazing. Highlight of the whole deal, I swear.

  2. Clever little wee man! Lucky Aunt Rachel! It's good to see your name again.

  3. Sounds like someone is keeping you busy! Love it. Conversations with children are just unmatched! xxx


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