Thursday, 11 March 2010

Milk, Cream, Half and Half, Double Cream, Squirty Cream

I love watching Americans in my local evil-chain-but-I-love-their-muffins-cafe ask for a regular coffee with cream. They are always somewhat flummoxed when the cashier goes diving into the refrigerator and pours cream out of what looks like a yogurt container. What they're getting is what they know as half and half, sometimes I even get to watch as they pour it into their skinny lattes, commenting on how thick the milk is here.

Here's the rundown.

  • Skimmed Milk = Skimmed Milk. It has an orange or red lid.
  • 2% Milk/Semi-Skimmed = Semi-Skimmed Milk. It has a green lid.

  • Vitamin D/Whole Milk = Whole Milk or Full Fat Milk. It has a blue lid.
  • Half and Half or Cream = Single Cream. This comes in a yogurt like container
  • Whipped Cream = Double Cream. This comes in a yogurt like container and is shaken to thicken. Not sweetened
  • Squirt-Bottle Whipped Cream = Squirty Cream.
And then there is clotted cream. This is a gift from the gods. It has a butter like texture and is put on scones or fruit.

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