Monday, 22 March 2010

Not Perfect

It isn't perfect, and it doesn't help me at all. I'm certain that some senators will put up a fight before it lands on the presidents desk, but I am so glad that there will be some reform to health care in my home country. Imagine living without fear of not having health coverage.

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  1. So sad that you are in favor of what has been dropped upon us here in "your home country"!

    I have no health care, and don't want it...never need it...and if I use medical services, I pay cash.

    Now, I'm going to be forced to pay for health care or pay a penalty for not having it. Either way, I, and many more Americans are getting screwed by this system...and this is just one small aspect of the screwing!

    The cost will criple this country...especially on top of all the other debt Obama and Bush have saddled us with!

    There may be a "fear of not having health coverage", although by very few, but there is "NO fear of receiving health care!" This means that everyone has access to health care...maybe not insurance, but everyone has access to health care! Hospitals are NOT allowed to turn people away!

    It's just sad that people refuse to look at the facts of the situation and just want to turn us into what others are...the reality for me is...if you don't like the US, then leave! The socialists here might feel more comfortable in Europe, and I would wish them well on their exit!


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