Monday, 21 June 2010

Fabulous Things About England # 10

One of the reasons my housemate can stand to live with me is that she's never home. She's a chef at a local cafe which means she's rarely home except to sleep. I've spent the last four years completing a PhD, so I am always home. The advantage for her is that I am home to greet packages. The advantage for me is that I can work in the quiet without feeling guilty for monopolizing communal space.

The glaring disadvantage for her is that I also never go on holiday (vacation). So, anytime friends ask me to watch their cats while they go on holiday, I agree. For the last four summers this has meant that I have been the one to harvest most of my friends' berry plants. I've eaten most of what I've picked before making it inside. This year my friends are all taking their holidays in September.

I'm guessing that I'm not going to be eating nearly as many strawberries as I usually do. Very annoying.


  1. Very annoying indeed! Hehe. My strawberries are currently just holding on through winter, but the chooks keep getting into the garden and scratching them out. I'm hoping I see SOME berries in summer at least!

  2. Oh! Veronica, you give me hope. Of course, I've been sneaking the small people out to 'look' at the strawberries. They don't count if you eat them before they make it inside.

    Jason, it is! I really love summer here.


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