Monday, 30 August 2010

Fabulous Things About England #21: Jalapenos

I love jalapenos. I love them with spread cheese (cream cheese). I love them with beans and rice. I love them in Hoppin' John. I love them in salsa. I only like them in vinegar. I've spent five years trying to source fresh jalapenos. The local veg guy will get them in if I can buy a whole bushel. I can't. The local grocery can get them in if I can buy a kilo. I can't. So I am left to make due with the sliced jalapenos in the International Foods section of the grocery store--the ones which are pickled.

A few years ago, my housemate saved my Jalapeno plants. We had a huge crop. For a few months, I was in lovely heaven. I haven't succeeded since. For now, I'm grateful for jars even if they are pickled.


  1. I grew peppers plants this year and it was a sad experience. I neglected the plants and only got one jalapeno pepper from my crop. Then I put it in my fridge and forgot about it. It now sits on top the compost pile :-(

  2. I've just found your blog, and it is fascinating. I'm contemplating a move to England at some point in the future. Your blog is interesting & educational for me!


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