Monday, 24 January 2011

Pants, Again.

My favorite thing about 'pants' as a synonym for 'knickers' is that it's also an interjection. When you've put the washer on a hot wash with your favorite wool sweater, Pants! is a perfectly acceptable response. I find it useful at work these days, but mostly because I work with a group of young people who, rightly, point out my favorite interjections are terribly safe for work. Pants! isn't really either, but it is fun.

My least favorite thing about pants in England is best understood through a visual.

There you have it. Two pairs of pants. They are exactly the same size figuring for the differences in US and UK sizing. They both fit exactly as they are intended to, and they are both the same cut. So, Pants! are some of the things that I simply cannot get used to in this country. I will have to return to the States every now and then, so that I can have pants that fit the way I think they should.


  1. Hehehe - I'm still giggling about this. Pants is one of my favourites, I would never have dreamt of saying this before I came to the UK! :)

  2. I've got those pants! (the spotty ones).

    btw, I like reading your blog, and seeing the city in which I live through a different pair of eyes. Thanks!


  3. I just love the word 'knickers' - so English. I just found out today from the school nurse that saying you are 'sick' implies that you vomited. Love all the nuances... XOL

  4. I always laugh to myself when I hear American bloggers talking about their pants (trousers). Yup, so mature!! But I can't help myself!!

    We had our honeymoon in a little villiage just outside Bath. It's one of my favourite towns (cities?). My brother lives there so we still get to see it quite often. Hurray!


  5. Melissa: It does keep me out of some, but not much, trouble.

    Laura: I only learned 'sick' because I had a nurse ask me when the last time I vomited was? It took awhile to catch on. Also, you can't say stomach flu. They don't get it. If your flu involves your stomach, you should really be in hospital.

    Sarah: I still get the giggles every time I hear an American say pants. I've clearly been here long enough to get the joke, but not long enough to avoid the verbal faux pas.

    Thanks, S!


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