Sunday, 5 June 2011

Waiting for the Rain

Summer2009 003 by rachaelalonzo
Summer2009 003, A rainy day during another summer

This morning I was grateful to wake up to storms typical of an English spring and late summer. Back in Indiana, we would have called it a deluge. Here we would say that it tipped, and tipped, and tipped. Since I arrived back in the country a month ago, we have had cloud but little rain. I still have difficulty making sense of drought on this Island. I shouldn't. The UK is the about the same size as Oregon. It's an island, but not a small one. I continue to be amazed by the English in Bath. While the weather was ruinous for summertime activities here in town, many people are still looking to the skies for more rain. The ground is thirsty and the farmers are struggling.

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