Monday, 7 February 2011

Fabulous Things About England #25--Small Children and Rugby

We've been misty with no rain. The temperatures have soared into the teens (50s) for the last few days, but it has been virtually impossible to tell the day from the dusk. Like most winter Sundays, yesterday was punctuated with the yells, whistles, and laughs of small children playing rugby. Some Sundays, they are so young that I can only make out specks tumbling over one another. In these things too, I find myself grateful and lucky.


  1. I love that rugby and cricket are so popular here :) So English! XoL

  2. Thanks, Laura. I certainly prefer them to football, and cricket is a constant cerebral challenge for me.

  3. Bleeeuurgh to rugby....messy and dirty in a bad way. Hurrah to little children....messy and dirty in a good way!!


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