Saturday, 26 February 2011

Toilet Doors without Peeping Holes

I don't know whether to post this under Fabulous Things about England or Things That Annoy the Poo(p) out of Me (first installment coming soon). Or maybe I need a series of posts on things my British friends have noted about the United States.

Not so long ago my friend S. mentioned that, while visiting the US, she'd felt awfully exposed in the public loos because of the gap between the loo doors and their walls. I rather suddenly realized why early in my stay I had felt so completely claustrophobic in English public toilets.

You'll have to forgive the poor photography below. Both my friend in the US and I found that it is virtually impossible to get a whole toilet door in a photograph.

US public restroom door #1

It looks like just a sliver from this angle, but my American friend was kind enough to provide us with a close up as well.

Now imagine you're in the queue with a small child who asks questions.

The Brits have a rather obvious solution to peek-a-boo in the loo.

It's all about hinges.

I think I can add stall doors to the list of ways in which British engineering is better than American engineering.


  1. That's true, Thanks for stopping by my blog, of course you can visit..come here anytime...

  2. I'm so jealous! Now if either country can come up with a lock that my children can't open while standing on the inside of the stall with me, I'll really be in love. Some public restrooms in the US now have a small bench that you can pull down on the side of the stall that has a five-point harness so you can strap your toddler in. I do appreciate that little gem. Do they have these in Bath yet?

    I love your blog; keep it up!
    Jessica Kissick

  3. Another thing I had totally forgotten about! Although I have to admit, I really hated all the cheap plastic toilet seats in the UK but a small price to pay for total privacy...

  4. Peek a boo in the loo! Now I am laughing like a maniac : )
    That is too funny. I can't imagine utilizing that little peep hole. Do you?

  5. I love England and hope to live there at some point. I'm looking forward to following your posts.

  6. I always just assumed bathroom doors were made that way because it was cheaper!

  7. Really? Is that true about AMerian toilets? I don't remember noticing that when I've been there.

    I have been to toilets where there was a huge gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. I felt all exposed and vulnerable.

    Okay, too much detail!!!


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