Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fabulous Things About America: Part 1

I know I packed my camera cord, but I have no idea where I packed it. Perhaps, it is in with the presents for the nieces and nephews. I hope that I didn't leave it with the socks that I couldn't find and therefore did not pack. When the camera cord turns up, I'll post some photos for you.

I spent a long time last night trying to find the light switch in my sister's bathroom. Or rather I looked at the wall outside the bathroom for ages and waved my hand around in the doorway looking for a pull switch. I finally gave up and felt my way to the toilet. This morning it dawned on me that the switch was on the inside of the bathroom next to the door.

More importantly, I was greeted at the door by the smell of banana bread. I ate it with lashings of butter. No one called it cake, and it was the very best welcome to America snack ever known to woman.

I hope you are all well. What else shall I eat while I'm here?

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