Monday, 28 March 2011

Grief in the West Country

It has been a devastating week in the West Country.

A young woman went missing on her way home from a night out last week. Her remains were found and identified on Thursday, and a second young woman's remains were located on Saturday.

In an unrelated event,on March 7th, the remains of a young woman were found on a former industrial estate. She was identified late last week and her family are being informed.

There is still one young man missing in Bath. James Bubear too left a night out, and he too hasn't made it home.

While Mother's Day this year will be marked by many with the deepest grief by so many, there is still hope that James Bubear's may make it home to his mother. His friends and family are fighting to keep his name and face in the media. This is his story.

His family, friends, and tutors are asking for your help to keep his name in the media and to bring him home.

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