Saturday, 19 March 2011

Posted: No Visitors or Friends on 27 March 2011

It is census season in the UK. In theory, we all fill in our census forms on 27 March 2011. This means that any overnight visitors on that Sunday night must also appear on our form. The form is long. I have no desire to fill it out on a Sunday night. We've gone ahead and filled in the thing. I do not want to have to fill it out any further. So while I love each and everyone of you, you are absolutely not welcome here on census night.

Thanks for your kind wishes and thoughts. I haven't disappeared, but I have had the sickness bug (stomach flu) and a pile of marking (grading)  keeping me far from the blog. Oh, and the census form made me cry.  I will learn to post well in advance. I will learn to post well in advance.

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